Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Surrender 06 – UNOH’s conference

Jahwork Community had the privilege of volunteering at this truly great conference – we had some very important roles such as coffee makers, ushers and even car ushers (which received a resounding three person applause in the thankyou’s – two of which were still clapping from the last thankyou.

It was a fantastic weekend and I am sure anyone who attended could not go away without sensing the Spirit of God in that place (and I’m no Pentecostal). But this blog is not a reflection on the conference as a whole. I want to highlight a some thoughts Tony Campolo raised which are worth mentioning.
Tony spoke about the crazy fuss around mission statements. Tony asked what would Jesus mission statement have been – and Tony’s suggestion was ‘I have come to usher in the Kingdom of God’. The first words of Jesus ministry in Matt, Mk and Luke all begin with Jesus stating the KOG is near.

Tony believes that the Church is responsible for bad publicity about the world – that the world is getting worse. And most Christians believe the world is going down the toilet and will end in a fiery ball of earthquakes, wars, famine and destruction. Thus the foolish belief in the rapture. He says often Christians see the KOG as some dilapidated cause. “Come and join the Christians…save yourself from the rampant evils of this world...we're outnumbered and losing...we’re not going to win…come and join the losers””

But Tony contends that the world is becoming a better place and that the KOG is getting closer. For example, 10 years ago 200million people were without clean water, today only 100 million. And he gave many more examples.

Tony says that there is hope. The KOG is growing. And we are invited to become Christians and join in the cause that will win and will take over the world. However, the Kingdom of Evil is also growing. They are growing simultaneously says Tony. Yet, Tony believes and preached it good when he said the Church of Jesus will not crawl out of history on its hands and knees as the losers – but it will march out victorious. Jesus came to initiate a movement that will change history.

In finishing Tony says it is like WWII. Dday was the decisive battle which won the war. But it wasn’t until Vday where the war stopped. But during that time there was more suffering and killing than before. Tony says it is like that with the KOG. Jesus came and when he died on the cross – Dday. And now we are invitied to join the cause and finish off the war and save the world. For Vday is coming and that is the day when Jesus returns to complete the good work we have started. And a huge cheer arose from the crowd!

I RECKON this is so important. Which is it? Do we believe the world is on the path of total destruction and there is nothing we can do?
Or do you believe that the Church of Jesus will exit history victorious having joined in God’s initial creation and helped restore our precious earth to its original plan?
How you answer this question profoundly affects your life – how you think, what you do with your time, how you treat people and whether or not you contribute towards a better world...

Monday, August 21, 2006

My first blog - an anti climax if ever i've seen one!

Thought I'd better kick of this thing before I think of a reason not to do this thing. Also if i start with a boring, ordinary, nothing real exciting or meaningful, just like life sometimes hey - then I will have only up to go from here. So - cheers to the post modern world of blogging and allowing me to write stuff to the world and not needing any accountability or publisher. And cheers to better future blogs than this one...hear hear they all say!