Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Vote for Greens and go to hell?

I write this post with the experience of being discriminated against and seeing my friends also discriminated, abused, condemned and judged for not voting 'Family First'. What is going on?
I also write this post as I actively support my friend (who happens to be a follower of Christ) run for the Greens in Dandenong.

It seems that many Christians believe Family First to be the only option and all other parties are anti-christian. This is not so. There are many Christians right across the political spectrum. There are Christians in Labor, Liberal, Family First, Greens, Democrats and Independants. Just because a party claims to be Christian, doesn't necessarily mean all Christians must automatically vote Family First. It also doesn't, under any circumstance permit judgement, abuse and condemnation for those who don't vote Family First.

I believe no party has it right. Certainly Family First have some very worrying policies that tend to discriminate against gay and lesbians. Then others become very worried about the Green's policies around drug use. So, what do we do?
We vote after careful consideration of which party party is the most compatible with our understanding of how to live as a Christian in this world. We read, we listen, we talk with our communities, we use our brain, we pray.

If you would like to hear Jim Reiher's thoughts (Tabor Bible College Lecturer and Greens Candidate) about why he is running for the Greens...check out the link below. Its a good place to understand how the Greens policies and Christianity meet together.


As an after thought...a lingering thought. What is the role of Christians in politics anyway? Is it about a Christian party seeking control and domination of society to 'make' this nation Christian. Was Jesus focussed on political conquest? I have much more to say on this...but shall let it linger for a while. Maybe I'll open up a can soon...