Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kaylene's Febuary Letter (And Simon's sneaky additions)

Dear Friends!

About two weeks after my last email, I was ready to write a new one. It felt like a month had past!
It's been an extremely busy month and lots of prayer is needed. I would love it if you would join with us in prayer and praise for the following:

Praise for our 2 new wonderful members Krystal and Jacob! They have been the fresh air and encouragement we have all needed going into this new year. Please pray for them both as they continue to settle in and find their 'niche' here in Doveton.

We are also on the lookout for whitegoods for families in the area. In particular a washing machine - so if you know of know who to call.

We have embarked on a campaign to help a family from the caravan park get housing. They are in desperate need of a house and have been told they will be waiting for 3 years. So far our campaign has involved trips to DHS and a visit to our local MP. We would love your prayer as we keep up this battle. Also if you would like to help out in any way just let us know.

The boys house has been providing us with a lot of drama recently. Effectively reminding us that we do not yet have all the answers. Please pray for wisdom and strength for Simon and Jacob as they figure out the best way to deal with this situation.

Since this Letter our dear friend Bol has moved out (after 1.5 years). We have had some great times and have learnt much about Sudan and Africa from him. We will miss him and wish him all the best in whatever he pursues.

A young 15 year old friend of ours has been on the run from home for quite a few months now. We have been able to give her a place to sleep a couple of times, but being the age that she is, she either needs to be at home or in foster care. Please pray for her as she makes some pretty important decisions and for our relationship with her, that we may be the role models and friends that she needs.

At the boys place we've had a great season for tomato's and zucchini's as opposed to others - and have just finished hooking up the shower water to a dripper system through the veggie garden. A chook house and autumn planting veggies are on the agenda for March!

As for me, i am having a pretty tough time in my job at the moment, and as a result my health is starting to deteriorate again. My car's health is also decreasing, I don't yet have the funds to take care of it, but, unfortunately, i am a bit too dependant on it and need it to keep running. So your prayers on both of those issues would be great!

Thanks a lot for all of your support and prayers. they mean a lot to all of us here in Doveton!
Love to you all.
Kaylene and sneaky simon