Sunday, May 20, 2007

Kaylene's Prayer Email

Dear Friends!
It has been an extremely eventful few months!! We would love you to join us in prayer and praise for the following:

We have had a few new additions to the boys house. A local young guy faced with homelessness is now living in the caravan at the back of the boys house, and our long time friend Pete has moved into the now empty room in the house! both his wonderful sense of humour and his X-BOX have been welcomed by all the boys! Please pray for them as they adjust to their new living situations, and especially for Simon and Jacob as they invest hours of their time into these relationships.

My house was recently put on the market, which was quite a stressful time, with people walking through our house regularly and not knowing if and when we had to leave. On friday however, it was finally sold to an invester, who is going to let us stay! We are all extremely excited as we have grown to love that house and our neighbours!

Three of us have had the pleasure of being shown how stressfull owning a car can be. In my last email, i wrote that my car was starting to play up. About 3 days after that email, it broke down, costing me a lot of money to fix, then 2 weeks later it broke down again! Krystal has been having the same issues and Jake recently had a car accident that wrote his car off completely! This has left huge holes in our already empty wallets! for this, we would appreciate your prayer in whatever form it takes!

I am now a volunteer with Prison Network Ministries, and will be a support worker to women in the south eastern region of melbourne when they come out of prison. This is a great opportunity that i am extremely excited about. Please pray for me as i strive to understand what these women have been through and develop friendships with them.

Mine and Simon's engagement has been wonderful so far, but we are already starting to feel the pressure of getting everything done quickly and perfectly. Please Pray for us as we start this new and exciting journey in our relationship.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. They mean so much to our community.

Kaylene and Simon

Saturday, May 12, 2007


On the 4th of May, the moons aligned, the stars collided and I reached for the wrong hand when asking KAylene to marry me! Oops a daisy. But, it didn't matter because KL was a blubbering mess and hardly noticed my almost fateful blunder.

So its happening! And yes, the first question is answered - the date is Saturday 3rd November (we think...pretty sure...yep definately...i hope).

Should be an exciting time over the next 6 months - so if you happen to see us round make sure you shout us a coke or something and tell us to relax and not stress out - things like that!

WEll, thats all I have to say, except for Woo Hoo!