Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Tour Around Vietnam

Here are some images from our time in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam. It was such a beautiful time together as husband and wife, seeing a totally different way of life, meeting wonderful people, experiencing the sights and smells of another country, learning about life in an occupied country living a war-torn existance and the hearing about the effects of violence upon individuals and an entire nation...

(top) Socialist Billboards a dime a dozen, or whatever that cliche is...
(bottom) Sunset in Saigon (now known as Ho Chi Minh City)

A typical tourist shop and a typical palace with war machine relics

(top) How many people you know with a smile like that?
(bottom) There are almost more bikes than people in Vietnam, or so it seems - brillent form of transport for 80million people living in the one country - great for the environment, practical and fun!

The floating Markets in the Mekong Delta ( the morning!). Do kids just follow Kaylene or does Kaylene follow kids?

New religions to learn about...

the remote-ish hill tribes of around Sapa

great places to jump off!

one of my fav pics! Halong Bay.