Thursday, December 18, 2008

5% when 40% may not even be enough

Climate change, climate disaster

"now is a time for weeping, for mourning, then for action"

"if not now when, if not us who?"

"we must act, we must act now"
"we must become climate warriors...fearless, couragous, passionate, direct"

I've always been onboard for adverting the possible climate change tragedy, but afterlast monday...there comes a time when you really get onboard and I think i'm now there!

Kevin Rudd announced Australia would be striving for a 5% carbon reduction by 2020 and a possible 15% if the rest of the world agrees (rest of the world being US and China who are aiming for 0% reductions!). The Government's own research team headed by Ross Garnaut recommended 10% I think, and we still went for 5%. A good day for business, a bad day for the great barrier reef, kakudu, and people.

I say if the Government won't commit to reducing carbon emmisions then we all should - in order to prove that its possible. In our community in Doveton we have been doing so for a few years now. But we can do more.
We can also reduce at home, work, schools, our shops & in everything we do in life...

Here's a good tool to help...
In 2005 the eminent climate scientist Dr. James Hansen warned that: “We are on the precipice of climate system tipping points beyond which there is no redemption.” Three years later, we are now crossing some of those tipping points. In June 2008, Professor Barry Brook cautioned that even the most ambitious international greenhouse gas reduction targets might not prevent a catastrophic increase in temperatures: "Two degrees has the potential to lead to three or four degrees because of carbon-cycle feedbacks."

‘I think the tipping point for perennial sea-ice has already passed… It looks like [it] will continue to decline and there’s no hope for it to recover’ in the near period. — Dr Josefino Comiso, senior research scientist, NASA Goddard Space Centre

‘The Arctic is often cited as the canary in the coal mine for climate warming… and now as a sign of climate warming, the canary has died.” — Dr Jay Zwally, glaciologist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

I've also attached my email/plea to my local member for can do the same...takes 5 minutes

Hi Anthony, My name is Simon Reeves and I have meet you a few times around the place. ONce on Australia day 2007 as I recieved an award and secondly at my workplace of Handbrake Turn in Dandenong. I am writing to you know because I am dismayed at the decision announced on Monday by PM Kevin Rudd to aim for a 5%-15% target for carbon reduction. This decision I believe was to be one of the most decisive decisions Australia has seen in many generations and one that required dedicated leadership committed to putting the people and this planet ahead of any other vested interests of corporations committed to personal profits. I would urge as strongly as possible that you lead the way towards helping the Government reconsider these targets. I would beg this of you. I am not sure how much you do or don't know about climate change and would probably assume you've done reading on the subject and although I am no way at all an expert - I am still happy to come in and share the small learnings that I have made in this regard and thus the extreme need for committed action on this issue. I also suggest this website to consider : I am surrounded by a community of friends who equally share these concerns and support this request to reconsider the targets. We are all committed to climate change and years ago we began personally to transition towards a lower dependance and reduced carbon emmission. Our small community have found ways to do this on the small scale and now wish to see our Government do the same. Thankyou for the time taken to read this email and once again I am happy to come in and chat further, or alternatively you can come to our community in doveton and we could show you some of the small ways in which we are trying personally to avert this disaster. My number is 0408 299 981. Many thanks again, Simon Reeves JAHWORK in Doveton