Friday, July 31, 2009

Hiroshima Day 2009

Hiroshima Day Prayer Vigil (South East Melbourne)
August 6th
at Lockheed Martin Australia
208 Princess Highway, Dandenong

If you'd like please bring musical instruments and/or a reflection to share

Lockheed Martin were approached to participate in the vigil but management declined the invitation and its employees told that it would not look good for career advancement if they were to attend. LHM informed us that police will be present despite our peaceful, open and transparent nonviolent actions. LHM remain undisclosed about their activities in side their highly secure building in Dandenong, maintaining its on a need to know basis and we don't need to know.

Why we chose to remember Hiroshima Day :

Aug 6 is one of the most important dates for us to remember in human history. On this day the humans committed the worst ever act of human violence. On this day we remember not only those who suffered but those who perpetrated this horrendous act of violence. And we remember both, because we have the capacity to be both. We could suffer the result of a nuclear attack by any one of the 25,000 nukes still in existence (2500 on hair trigger alert). And anyone of us are capable of committing the worst act of violence, of pushing a button causing the deaths of thousands. We must remember that violence doesn't lie with any particular people group, but within each of our hearts and if we can disarm our own hearts, we will disarm the world. Thus we vigil to stay awake in a culture of violence, to make sure that we remain committed to peace, not violence and hatred.

Why we chose to vilgil outside Lockheed Martin Australia in Dandenong :

Violence is all around us, in our suburbs. LHM is the worlds no1. weapons manufactor and defence contractor. Responsible for equiping the 'warfighter' through missiles, fighter jets, weapon systems etc (see for a full catologue of weapons you can purchase) in all regions of conflict around the world but particulary used by the superpowers in Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel/Palestine - where millions of people have been killed and continue to do so while we read this email. LHM is responsible for promoting, providing and profiteering from mini-Hiroshimas all around the world.

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Stephen said...

Hey man. Just wanted to say I have been thinking about you guys and the ongoing vigil. In these days of people engaging in flash in the pan acts of social justice in order to lift their profile, your long, slow, low-key and sustained protest warms the heart and makes a difference. May grace and love change your part of the world. More grace to your heart.