Friday, June 19, 2009

Our new baby boy

Announcing the newest part of our family. Barwon Isaiah Reeves. Born 18th June at 1am. He's a nice big healthy baby boy weighing 10.2lbs. Mother, Father and baby are all doing fantastic!!

Barwon means River and is an indigenous name to symbolize our respect and concern for the indigenous people of this land…that their identity, language and culture remain with us. River, symbolizing a reconnection to land and creation. A connection we as people have severed for profit, at the loss to us and our future children. The name Barwon for us represents the hope of new life for this earth and those of us who share it together.

Isaiah, well he’s a kick arse Old Testament prophet whose words still ring truth today! Together we have our little river prophet and Kaylene and I are truly blessed to be given this responsibility to care for and love this little (or should I say big) one!

Can't wait for him to meet you all.
Lots of love - the three of us!